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This is the new new site, and final change for the site. It is a branch site for wargasm clan. We are now The Final Few. Basicailly were the final few that truely give a crap about runescape. We don't believe in being all powerful with all powerful weapons. We just do our best and complain as little as possible. This is a team of private consultants that will help anyone and any clan with training, skills, quests, war games, and anything else in between. We hold open challenges in games and dojo training.
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Been a lil' bit

thelondrius, Dec 29, 10 12:57 AM.
Ya its been a lil bit but i been busy. Im skillin and questing like a mad person. Valhalla is nearly completed. For those who dont know, valhalla is the dojo/zen garden im currently working on. Other than that, im ready to start some castlewars and dojo matches soon.

sup again

thelondrius, Nov 29, 10 11:41 PM.
Things are still good i spose. I have been doing alot of quests and making myself a better trainer. I will not only train folks in range(mines 76), and magic(72). I am also going to training construction(58), and thieving(44), and fishing(85). I am going to begin working on other skills to train in the downstairs dojo, as well as the top level garden.

Thel: demon hunter

possible merge

thelondrius, Nov 13, 10 3:10 PM.
The clan may merging. I.D.K. exactly when, but I have high hopes for it. If it dont work, itll be fine. Also, imma try typing it red and black cuz it seems easier to read.



thelondrius, Nov 11, 10 9:44 PM.

Sup anyone who reads this. Everything is still sort of fine in the clan, the numbers have dwindled and recruiting isnt easy. Im still at work on the site and i continue to update it. So i hope peeps join the site so i can make more stuff for you guys and girls,

Thel: demon hunter


thelondrius, Nov 7, 10 2:21 PM.
Hello, today is good, the clan is slightly scattered but its all good, well be full again. Recruitings not going too well, maybe ill have to make an official clan post on

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